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The Lord of the Harvest works steps ahead

By Dave Henning / October 21, 2021

“Even though the harvest isn’t what you thought, the harvest is still here.  The Lord of the Harvest is always working many steps ahead of us, and what he has produced in and through us is not always immediately evident. . . .  You are not forgotten when the harvest looks different than you dreamed.”- […]


Good fences protect and preserve

By Dave Henning / October 20, 2021

“Don’t mistake fences for walls.  Walls can feel closed in and tight. . . .  Fences aren’t intended to divide.  Good fences protect and preserve the beautiful things you’re growing.  Fences communicate your belief that your land holds life worthy of safeguarding.”- Jennifer Dukes Lee (emphasis author’s) “A man without self-control is like an city […]


The pressure to keep pressing on

By Dave Henning / October 19, 2021

“There’s the pressure to keep pressing on, . . putting one foot in front of the other.  There’s no time to cry or process.  We have to intentionally build time into our lives so that we can see that God is loving us right here.”- Jennifer Dukes Lee “For it is by grace you have […]


For the noise of a fly – neglect God’s angels

By Dave Henning / October 18, 2021

“I neglect God and His angels, for the noise of a fly, for the rattling of a coach, for the whining of a door.”- John Donne, English poet (1572-1631) “Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.”- Hebrews 13:2 (ESV) The temperature soared to 95 degrees on July […]


We undervalue the little things

By Dave Henning / October 17, 2021

“We undervalue the little things, but . . . the little things are the big things, and these are the things that change the world.  So many people I know minimize themselves with the phrase ‘just a’ . . . that phrase — ‘just a’ — needs to be stricken from our vocabulary.  ‘Just a’ […]


The enemy of beauty – hurry, quicker not better

By Dave Henning / October 16, 2021

“Hurry is the enemy of beauty.  Beauty comes when we stay instead of run; when we taste instead of shovel in; when we take the long way home after work and see the brightest blue sky open before us.  Quicker is not always better.”- Jennifer Dukes Lee In Chapter 7 (“Built to Last”) of Growing […]


A seedling will burst forth in God’s timing

By Dave Henning / October 15, 2021

“Don’t assume nothing is growing.  While you are planting seeds, he is growing you.  Let’s not forget that we are fields, not just farmers.  Deep spiritual growth is happening under the surface.  A seedling will burst forth.  In his will . . . his way . . . his timing.”- Jennifer Dukes Lee “So let’s […]


The rearranged places where God comes close

By Dave Henning / October 14, 2021

“If I know too much about what was to come, I would have resisted and manipulated.  I would have rushed through the seasons that hurt the most, rather than staying in the rearranged places where God chose to come close.”- Jennifer Dukes Lee In Chapter 5 (“Letting Go of Expectations”) of Growing Slow, Jennifer Dukes […]


The secret to growing slow – waiting

By Dave Henning / October 13, 2021

“In each season, you will find that the secret to Growing Slow comes in the waiting as the Lord plants seeds into the precious, yielding soil of you.  In this place, tucked under the dirt, you will grow roots deep enough to push forth the fruit of a life worth living.”- Jennifer Dukes Lee “I […]


The lay of the land – God knows

By Dave Henning / October 12, 2021

“I am God’s field and so are you.  You are exactly where you are supposed to be. . . .  God knows the lay of the land that makes you you.  He is planting seed within you — seeds which will bear internal fruit with eternal value.  He knows exactly how to care for you, […]


A school of patience – Growing slow

By Dave Henning / October 11, 2021

“Growing slow is a school of patience in which we are nurtured into spiritual maturity.  Growing Slow is a daily choice to see where God is already working and then the conscious decision to join him there.”- Jennifer Dukes Lee “But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”- 2 […]


When cynicism creeps up like weeds

By Dave Henning / October 10, 2021

“What do we do when cynicism creeps up, like weeds on a bald area of field during a season that was designed for planting? . . .  Growing slow is an uncomfortable options when you want a quick fix.  But the secret to an unhurried heart is found here, where the air is so quiet […]

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