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God’s power in our weakness

By Dave Henning / April 11, 2013

In Chapter 35 of The Purpose Driven Life, Rick Warren notes that while we typically define weaknesses as flaws and imperfections, we also may be weakened by uncontrollable circumstances such as finances or job loss.  Usually, he adds, we deny, defend, excuse, hide, or resent our weaknesses.  Yet, just as our birth was no accident, […]


The SHAPE of things to come

By Dave Henning / April 10, 2013

In Chapters 30-31 of The Purpose Driven Life, Pastor Rick Warren uses the acrostic SHAPE to list and describe 5 factors that illuminate the unique combination of capabilities with which God equips us for our calling.  Rick summarizes this process at the beginning of Chapter 30: “Before God created you, he decided what role he […]


Growing in spiritual maturity

By Dave Henning / April 9, 2013

In the concluding section of Chapter 28 of The Purpose Driven Life, Rick Warren lists 4 ways to incorporate God in the process of growing our spiritual maturity: 1.  Believe God is working in your life even when you don’t feel it.  Just as the earth has seasons, so does our spiritual life.  Short, intense […]


What’s the rush?

By Dave Henning / April 8, 2013

At the beginning of Chapter 28 (“It Takes Time”) of The Purpose Driven Life, Pastor Rick Warren notes that while we’re concerned about how fast we grow spiritually, God is concerned with how strong we grow.   Jesus chooses to develop us slowly, preferring to work in incremental steps in our lives.  Rick offers 5 reasons […]


Defeating temptation- Part 3

By Dave Henning / April 7, 2013

At the conclusion of Chapter 27 of The Purpose Driven Life, Pastor Rick Warren presents the third and fourth keys to defeating temptation (as always, the author’s words are in bold type). 3.  Resist the devil.   In its entirety, James 4:7 reads: “Submit yourselves to God.  Resist the devil and he will flee from you.”  […]


Defeating temptation- Part 2

By Dave Henning / April 6, 2013

Rick Warren continues his presentation of the 4 keys to defeating temptation in Chapter 27 of The Purpose Driven Life.  The second key is discussed today. 2.  Reveal your struggle to a godly friend or support group.   As we journey toward healing and revitalization of our calling, we need at least one person with whom […]


Defeating temptation- Part 1

By Dave Henning / April 5, 2013

In Chapter 27 of The Purpose Driven Life, Pastor Rick Warren presents 4 Biblical keys to defeating temptation.  The first key is discussed today (author’s keys in bold type). 1.  Refocus your attention on something else.   Rick begins by stating that nowhere in the Bible are we told to “resist temptation”.  However, we are told the […]


Overcoming temptation

By Dave Henning / April 4, 2013

As Pastor Rick Warren concludes Chapter 26 of The Purpose Driven Life, he offers 3 specific steps to take in overcoming temptation. 1.  Refuse to be intimidated.   Rick notes that temptation is a normal part of being human and living in a fallen world.  While we can’t keep the Devil from offering his half-truths and […]


Satan’s predictability

By Dave Henning / April 3, 2013

Pastor Rick Warren notes in Chapter 26 of The Purpose Driven Life that Satan’s strategies and tricks follow a predictable pattern, one he’s used since Creation.  This pattern consists of 4 steps: 1.  Desire–  Satan identifies a sinful or legitmate, normal desire in us.  Often these temptations take the form of shortcuts, a quick “fix” […]


The stepping-stone of temptation

By Dave Henning / April 2, 2013

“My temptations have been my masters in divinity.”- Martin Luther In Chapter 26 (“Growing Through Temptation”) of The Purpose Driven Life, Pastor Rick Warren states that on our path to spiritual maturity, even temptation may be a stepping-stone rather than a stumbling block.  Temptation gives us the opportunity to do the right thing just as […]


Mirroring Jesus’ reflection

By Dave Henning / April 1, 2013

In Chapter 25 of The Purpose Driven Life, Rick Warren relates the story of a silversmith who was asked how he knew when the silver was pure.  He replied, “When I see my reflection in it.”   Similarly, when we have been refined by trials and respond as Jesus would, people will see Jesus’ reflection in […]


Transformed by trouble

By Dave Henning / March 31, 2013

Pastor Rick Warren begins Chapter 25 (“Transformed by Trouble”) of The Purpose Driven Life with the observation that life is a series of problems, as much as we might wish otherwise.  Although not all of our problems will be big, all of them are significant in God’s growth process.  In fact, during our darkest days […]

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