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Betrayal = selfishness of the betrayer

By Dave Henning / June 6, 2020

“Betrayal is very personal and affects us at a deep, emotional level.  But it says more about the selfishness of the betrayer than it says about you.  Your goal is to prevent the betrayal and the betrayer from defining who you are.  Be proactive — not reactive.”- Phil Waldrep Phil Waldrep concludes Chapter 1 of […]


A true hero selflessly sacrifices

By Dave Henning / February 19, 2020

“A true hero is someone who selflessly sacrifices for someone else’s benefit.  It’s someone who goes the extra mile.  It’s someone who takes personal responsibility when thing go wrong and gives credit to others when things go right. . . .  Heroes are not always recognized as such during their lifetimes, but their courage echoes […]

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