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Redefine it as a verb – compassion

By Dave Henning / April 19, 2022

“Compassion is defined as . . . a noun, but Christians need to redefine it as a verb.  That means there should always be an and.  As in, I feel compassion and I then act.  Real compassion doesn’t just break your heart.  It moves your muscles.”- Kyle Idleman (emphasis Kyle’s) Kyle Idleman concludes Chapter 4 […]


Praying for God’s favor – a dangerous thing

By Dave Henning / May 28, 2018

“Praying for God’s favor is a dangerous thing to do.  You never know what you’re going to get.”- Brian Jones As Brian Jones concludes Chapter 3 of Finding Favor, he underscores that none of us is equipped to handle acedia when it comes knocking at our door.  Yet, almost daily, it comes.  Like an unwelcome salesperson, it […]

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