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Your emotional heart – connected to your pain

By Dave Henning / June 30, 2018

“Whether you’re conscious of it or not, you know your emotional heart extremely well because it’s the part of you most closely connected to your pain.”- Christa Black Gifford “Behold, my servants shall sing for gladness of heart, but you shall cry out for pain of heart and shall wait for breaking of spirit.”- Isaiah […]


Under the authority of Scripture

By Dave Henning / May 1, 2018

“Ultimately, we must learn to bring every aspect of who we are, from our beliefs to our personalities, temperaments, and behavior styles, under the authority of Scripture.”- Banning Liebscher As Banning Liebscher concludes Chapter 6 of Rooted, he underscores even natural inclinations (i. e. introvert, extrovert) must come under the authority of Scripture.  For example, […]

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