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Christianity is spelled done

By Dave Henning / August 4, 2023

“The key to that right relationship [with God] is His righteousness. . . .  Religion is spelled do — it’s all about what you do for God.  Christianity is spelled done — it’s all about what Christ accomplished on the cross for you.”- Mark Batterson As Mark Batterson moves on in Chapter 15 of Please […]


A fighting religion – Christianity

By Dave Henning / February 6, 2022

“For Christianity is a fighting religion. . . .  It . . . thinks that a great many things have gone wrong with the world that God made and that God insists, and insists very loudly, on our putting them right again.”- C. S. Lewis, “The Rival Concepts of God,” in Mere Christianity Timothy Keller […]


Confuse proximity to Jesus with intimacy

By Dave Henning / October 15, 2020

“Many of us confuse proximity to Jesus with intimacy.  God did not send his Son into the world so we could have something else to do on Sundays.  Jesus came because apart from him all life’s experiences, successes, failures, and memoires are merely temporal, insignificant in the light of eternity and therefore illusory and figments […]


Christianity in the context of community

By Dave Henning / May 16, 2018

“Christianity is meant to sit in the context of community, for it’s in community that we draw the grace needed to do what God has called us to do and to become what God has called us to become.”- Banning Liebscher “Whoever claims to love God yet hates a brother or a sister is a […]

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