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Starving for compassion

By Dave Henning / April 18, 2024

“We’re all starving for compassion, and Jesus wants to provide it.  When Jesus walked the earth, story after story of His ministry confirmed how much He cared about each person He came across. . . .  All throughout Scripture, we see evidence of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit feeling lots […]


Emotions flood body and soul

By Dave Henning / April 16, 2024

“We come into the world not primarily as people who think but as people who feel.  Emotions flood through our bodies and souls — our mind, will, and emotions — reminding us of this truth.  They don’t stop at assigned places, and when we do try to stem their flow, we fail.”- Jennifer Allen In […]


Name it to tame it – calm down the firing

By Dave Henning / December 6, 2020

“Even taking a moment to name what we’re experiencing has been shown to integrate the right and left hemispheres in our brains and to calm down the firing in our limbic system.  Dr. Daniel Siegel calls this phenomenon ‘name it to tame it.’ “- Aundi Kolber “I spread out my hands to you; I thirst […]


In pivotal moments, lean into God

By Dave Henning / November 21, 2018

“In pivotal moments . . . you will lean either away from God or into him.  Lean in, hard.  Even if you feel nothing.  I did this, and eventually the feelings of intimacy returned.  Just because you can’t feel God’s love doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you.”- Carey Nieuwhof In Chapter 12 (“Your New Normal”) […]


To lead emotions effectively, take a You-Turn

By Dave Henning / August 21, 2018

“To lead emotions effectively, you can focus on them, befriend them, and invite Jesus to be near — then unburden them and integrate them with the other parts of your soul.  We call this process taking a You-Turn.”- Alison Cook and Kimberly Miller “First, take the plank out of your own eye, and then you […]


A glorious and perpetual state of serenity?

By Dave Henning / January 10, 2017

“But unfortunately, we can’t live . . . in a glorious and perpetual state of serenity and tranquility.”- Judah Smith In Chapter 3 (“Surprised by My Soul”) of How’s Your Soul?, Judah Smith notes that, more often than we’d care to admit, our souls go through emotional upheavals.  Furthermore, we find it confusing- shocking- disconcerting. […]

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