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Meditate less on the mess

By Dave Henning / December 31, 2021

“Our tendency is to magnify our fears.  We place a magnifying glass on the diagnosis, the disease, or debt.  Stop that!  Meditate less on the mess and more on the Master.  Less on the problems and more on his power.”- Max Lucado “Oh, magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt his name together.”- […]


The peripety parade – aka plot twist

By Dave Henning / December 29, 2021

“Haman was hard-hearted and pompous.  Xerxes was out of touch and oblivious.  All the sons and daughters of Abraham had a price on their head. . . .  These forces were going to win the day.  At least so it seemed.  But then came the peripety parade. . . .  [Peripety is] a literary device […]


A certain relief and a dramatic appearance

By Dave Henning / December 23, 2021

“Does your view of God include a certain relief and a dramatic appearance?  That is no small question.  Indeed, that is the question.  The vast majority of people see no pending relief.  Their summary of life reads like a Shakespearean tragedy. . . .  For many people that’s life in a nutshell.”- Max Lucado “When […]


Conform to be transformed

By Dave Henning / December 18, 2021

“We can conform or be transformed. . . .  [Esther and Mordecai] took a courageous stand.  But not before they didn’t.  Bible characters are complex.  The aren’t one-dimensional felt figures that fit easily into a Sunday school curriculum box. . . .  The people of the Bible . . . had their good moments, and, […]


Eloquent in His seeming silence

By Dave Henning / December 16, 2021

“The book of Esther relates the story of our whispering God, who in unseen and inscrutable ways superintends all the actions and circumstances for the good of his people. . . .  [God] need not be loud to be strong.  He need not cast a shadow to be present.  God is still eloquent in his […]


God looks at the heart – the sacred chase

By Dave Henning / October 12, 2020

“God looks at the heart (1 Samuel 16:7) and searches far and wide for someone who will wholeheartedly commit themselves to the sacred chase (2 Chronicles 16:9).  This reaches farther than coming to God with our problems in prayer.  If the problems in our life went away, would we still have a prayer life?”- Heath […]


Known by God and precious – your name

By Dave Henning / March 22, 2020

“Your name is known by God.  Even if your earthly name feels random or insignificant, it is precious to God.  He wants you to understand the meaning of your given name, and — even more — He wants to give you a new name and identity.  Are you ready to hear it?”- Esther Fleece Allen […]

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