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The Gift of Limitations

By Dave Henning / June 18, 2024

The Gift of Limitations (Zondervan, 2024) Sara Hagerty, a lifetime love of words, titles her latest book The Gift of Limitations: Finding Beauty in Your Boundaries.  Until we find ourselves face-to-face with them, limitations function as often invisible but unyielding forces in our lives.  As a result, we live in the tension of too much […]


Slower still – invitation, gift

By Dave Henning / June 6, 2024

“Slower still is the invitation . . . when what we have cannot stretch over what we perceive is needed.  Slower still is not the consolation prize for those without faith that God will heal, increase, or change our circumstances.  It is a gift. . . .  Slower still can become the words we use […]


Fence line same, heart different

By Dave Henning / May 15, 2024

“I believe there’s a day ahead for us when the fence line looks the same but our hearts are different.  Our hearts are alive.  They know where to turn when the fence line catches their attention.  They know their maker and they rest where they are.”- Sara Hagerty “The boundary lines have fallen for me […]


Invisible but unyielding fences

By Dave Henning / May 14, 2024

“Our limitations are often invisible but unyielding fences in our lives until we are forced to notice them. . . .  the wire fence — the limitations you’ve been resenting or working fiercely to overcome, often subconsciously.”- Sara Hagerty “Fixed layers, consequences unfolding by casual necessity, the whole natural order, are at once limits within […]

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