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Reverse engineer them (your habits)

By Dave Henning / March 28, 2022

“You have to turn your habits inside out and upside down.  You have to reverse engineer them.  Sometimes the solution is as simple as changing the sequence.  Other times it requires interrupting the pattern by changing tactics altogether.”- Mark Batterson “For the battle is the LORD’s, and he will give you into our hand.”- 1 […]


Taking your cues from Christ

By Dave Henning / April 3, 2021

“Following Jesus is less about minding your p’s and q’s than it is about taking your cues from Christ.  What did Jesus say?  ‘With God all things are possible.’  When you give complete editorial control to Him, possible becomes the plotline.”- Mark Batterson As Mark Batterson moves on in Chapter 1 of Win the Day, […]


Isolated incidents or the whole person?

By Dave Henning / April 17, 2020

“I struggled with David as a Bible character when I looked at his life in isolated incidents.  We tend to do this to people in our lives too.  We disqualify people because of one sin or one hurtful act instead of looking at them  as a whole person who deserves to be loved despite their […]


Your core truth – how the world works

By Dave Henning / June 5, 2018

” . . . a Christian counselor told me during my first session that she has found each of us believe a core truth about how the world works, and it’s usually wrong. In the vast majority of instances, these core beliefs have no basis in (1) truth of God’s Word and (2) reality itself.”- […]

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