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Unglamorous gift of plod

By Dave Henning / November 2, 2023

“At first glance (and even at second glance) a call to plod can sound less than inspiring. . . .  But if we were to peel back history . . . we might have more appreciation for this unglamorous gift of plod.”- Alicia Britt Chole In Chapter 24 (“The Unglamorous Gift”) of The Night is […]


Defy the gravity of sin and circumstance

By Dave Henning / July 25, 2017

“But as we lay hold of God’s promises and walk in His power, His Spirit in us allows us to defy the gravity of sin and circumstance, and to pray as one who has been and will continue to be redeemed from this life on earth.”- Susie Larson As Susie Larson concludes Chapter 1 of […]

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