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A fighting religion – Christianity

By Dave Henning / February 6, 2022

“For Christianity is a fighting religion. . . .  It . . . thinks that a great many things have gone wrong with the world that God made and that God insists, and insists very loudly, on our putting them right again.”- C. S. Lewis, “The Rival Concepts of God,” in Mere Christianity Timothy Keller […]


Risk-dodging: the hidden irony

By Dave Henning / May 5, 2019

“There are no great stories of a faith that was risk-free.  Risk-dodging can be a way of giving up before the journey even begins.  Yet there’s a hidden irony: playing it safe turns out to be the greatest risk you can take.”- Kyle Idleman “Yet [Abraham] did not waver through unbelief regarding the promise of […]

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