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Beautiful People Don’t Just Happen

By Dave Henning / September 17, 2022

Beautiful People Don’t Just Happen Scott Sauls recently authored Beautiful People Don’t Just Happen: How God Redeems Regret, Hurt, and Fear in the Making of Better Humans (Zondervan, 2022).  Currently Scott serves as senior pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville, TN.  Most significantly, Pastor Sauls observes, the more the disciplined regimen of God works […]


Redeeming the voices that weary us

By Dave Henning / September 6, 2022

“Redeeming the voices that weary us requires that that volume be turned down on lies that suggest God resents us, he is ambivalent toward our sorrows, and he will not come through for us in the end.  Turning the volume down on such lies requires turning the volume up on truths that put regret, fear, […]

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