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Greet one another for your sake – and theirs!

By Dave Henning / March 5, 2020

“Greet one another for your sake.  Experience the joy of showing people they matter.  Greet one another for their sake.  What is small to you may be large to them.  Most of all, greet one another for Jesus’ sake.”- Max Lucado Max Lucado concludes Chapter 5 of How Happiness Happens as he observes that a […]


Pride leaves a trail of destruction

By Dave Henning / November 15, 2018

“Unaddressed, pride will destroy many of the things you care about or know you should care about.  It will leave a trail of destruction strewn with things you used to value or that a better version of you would treasure . . . and make you think all of this is natural.”- Carey Nieuwhof As […]

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