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The law of measures makes or breaks you

By Dave Henning / February 15, 2022

“For better or for worse, our lives are the sum of our physical, mental, and spiritual habits.  Bad habits always come back to bite us.  Good habits always come back to bless us.  Either way, you cannot break the law of measures.  The law of measures will make or break you.”- Mark Batterson “For in […]


The grace of giving – only one way to grow it

By Dave Henning / February 9, 2020

“But there is only one way to grow in the grace of giving, and that is by giving more!  The biggest blessings involve the greatest sacrifices, and Jesus set the standard.  That’s the way we maintain our spiritual momentum and keep Newton’s Cradle swinging.”- Mark Batterson “Since you excel in everything — in faith, in […]


Dream markers = defining decisions

By Dave Henning / October 21, 2016

“In the plot line of our lives, dream markers are defining decisions.  They aren’t just part of the narrative; they become metanarratives.”- Mark Batterson In Chapter 14 (“Five-Pound Dream”) of Chase the Lion, Mark Batterson states that every dream journey contains a point of no return.   At that stage, your decision cannot be undone.  Hence, […]

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