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Letting go, not giving up – surrender

By Dave Henning / June 4, 2022

“One of the biggest mistakes we make is to think of surrender as a giving up of what we want, when in reality it is a letting go.  When we surrender what we think we need to be happy in exchange for God, we’re not settling for less, we’re settling for more.  Surrender to God […]


Silent partners – holding on and letting go

By Dave Henning / May 25, 2022

“Sometimes holding on and letting go are silent partners. . . .  puzzle pieces that surprisingly fit perfectly together.”- Sheila Walsh “He stood me on a wide-open field; I stood there saved — surprised to be loved!  GOD made my life complete when I placed all the pieces before him.”- 2 Samuel 20-21 (The Message) […]


The morrow – taking thought wastes time

By Dave Henning / June 23, 2019

” . . . taking thought for the morrow is a waste of time, I believe, because all we can do to prepare rightly for tomorrow is to do the right thing today.”- Wendell Berry, Our Only World “All beginnings, no matter what they are, hold elements of both joy and heartbreak.  When we enter […]

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