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Shame disguises itself

By Dave Henning / January 19, 2024

“Shame rarely shows up on the surface.  It’s one of those hidden secrets in our soul, something we carry behind our masks, an unchecked spiritual and emotional wound that seems to scar us for life. . . .  Shame disguises itself as your true self, but it isn’t.  It feels like it’s rooted in who […]


Sin always masquerades as fun and games

By Dave Henning / March 8, 2021

“Sin always masquerades as fun and games.  But pull back the curtain of the deceived human heart, and what you’ll find hiding there will drive you to your knees to pray for that person.  And maybe that’s the very reason God instructs us to pray for our enemies.”- Lysa TerKeurst “If possible, so far as […]


Grieving is dreaming in reverse

By Dave Henning / March 7, 2021

“Grieving is dreaming in reverse. . . .  But when you are grieving something or someone that was taken away, you wish you could go back in time.  You dream in reverse.  Instead of hoping for what will one day be, you long for a more innocent time when you lived more unaware of tragedy.  […]

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