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What God commanded Noah to do

By Dave Henning / August 25, 2021

“Noah did what God commanded him to do.  He was able to push past all the doubt, loneliness, fear, and negativity around him.  It didn’t matter what others said or thought about him. . . .  However, we can be impacted by the opinions of others, isolated in our actions, and not become defeated to […]


Start seeking your blue flame

By Dave Henning / July 8, 2020

“When you start seeking your blue flame, you’ll find that it’s sitting right there, waiting for you to encounter it.  But you might need to do some digging to unearth it.  For many of us, our blue flames end up smothered under a lifetime of fears and doubts and hang-ups.”- Jennifer Fulwiler In Chapter 3 […]

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