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Authentic attempts to respond

By Dave Henning / May 28, 2023

“There’s a joy that comes when you practice the Word of God.  Whether it all turns out right, that joy is from a Father who is pleased with authentic attempts to respond to his words. . . .  Even imperfect practice creates a relationship with God.  It shows him your belief in his presence, his […]


Proximity captures the love of Jesus

By Dave Henning / April 15, 2022

“One of the words that best captures the love of Jesus is proximity. . . .  The incarnation of Christ Jesus coming to earth makes is clear that the way he loves requires proximity.  It’s hard to love someone if you’re determined to keep your distance.”- Kyle Idleman “A new command I give you: Love […]


Break down barricades separating God’s children

By Dave Henning / September 6, 2019

“Break down barricades that separate God’s children from each other.  Do any walls bisect your world?  There you stand on one side.  And on the other?  The person you’ve learned to disregard, perhaps even disdain. . . .  Jesus loves to break down walls.”- Max Lucado “He tore down the wall we used to keep […]

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