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Buried splinters – consequences of concealment

By Dave Henning / February 7, 2019

“The consequences of confession are far less severe than the consequences of concealment.  Secrets are like buried splinters: The best thing to do is to get them out; otherwise, the wound gets infected.”- Andy Stanley Andy Stanley concluders Chapter 12 of Enemies of the Heart as he asserts that if your really want to understand […]


Grace – no responsibility escape hatch

By Dave Henning / February 6, 2019

“The grace that was showered on us at salvation did not provide us with an escape hatch from our responsibility to others.  On the contrary, that very grace should compel us to make restitution to those we’ve wronged.”- Andy Stanley (emphasis Andy’s) In Chapter 12 (“Out in the Open”) of Enemies of the Heart, Andy […]

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