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Total abandonment of the Self Life

By Dave Henning / August 22, 2020

“The Christian life only works through total abandonment.  You have to be all in.  If we hold anything back, retain some part of our lives for ourselves, large or small, the Self will rule there and continually set itself against God in us. . . .  Most disappointing Christian experiences can be explained by the […]


The Self stakes out its own territory

By Dave Henning / August 21, 2020

“Over time throughout our lives, the Self stakes out its own territory within us to assure getting its own way, ordering our world to its likings.  It has imbedded assumptions and privileges in our psyche; there’s a momentum to its desires, motives, and presence in us.  I call this the Self Life.  It’s the Self […]


Envy = the great leveler, up or down

By Dave Henning / August 20, 2020

“Envy hates to see other men happy. . . .  It begins by asking, plausibly: ‘Why should I not enjoy what others enjoy?’ and it ends by demanding: ‘Why should others enjoy what I may not?’  Envy is the great leveler; if it cannot level things up, it will level them down, and the words […]

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