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Entering the pain with God

By Dave Henning / October 26, 2023

“We tend to hide in the weeds of distractions, denials, and details — anything to avoid the quiet, open spaces in which our doubts are deafening.  Instead of entering the pain with God, we avoid the pain and God.  Each choice to hide adds another layer that insulates our hearts from knowing the fullness of […]


A cozy world of self-protection

By Dave Henning / September 9, 2023

“The book of Jonah is a shot across the bow.  God asks , how can we look at anyone — even those with deeply opposing beliefs and practices — with no compassion?  If your compassion is going to resemble God’s, you must abandon a cozy world of self-protection.”- Timothy Keller “These inward trials I employ, […]

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