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Merely eclipsed for a moment

By Dave Henning / May 30, 2021

“Satan tried to snuff out Peter’s faith, but it was merely eclipsed for a moment.  This can happen to any of us, and probably will.  Peter fell in the dirt of doubt, but he rose again a few days later. . . .  Perter felt disqualified because of his failure and went back to doing […]


Encouragement – God places a premium on it

By Dave Henning / February 26, 2020

“God places a premium on encouragement.  Encouragement comes when we ‘come alongside’ and ‘call out.’  At least that is the impression we get from its Greek definition.  The noun paraklesis is the combination of para ( by the side) and kaleo (to call).  Jesus modeled this.”- Mac Lucado “He said to them, ‘But who do […]

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