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The spiritual discipline of seeing

By Dave Henning / October 14, 2022

“When we contemplate the beauty before us each day, we practice the spiritual discipline of seeing.  Seeing is more than looking.  It is contemplating the object, reflecting on the event, considering the person.  Seeing is an act of knowing.”- Timothy D. Willard (emphasis author’s) “For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, […]


The spiritual discipline of SACRED

By Dave Henning / July 11, 2022

“The spiritual discipline of SACRED is discipling the internal waves of worry and making a way to lean back and trust the wraparound presence of God holding me safe. . . .  a SACRED way of life holds back a storm of worries, a tsunami of fears, by setting the soul apart . . . […]


Uncertain times and significant challenges

By Dave Henning / September 3, 2021

“We are facing uncertain times and significant challenges. . . .  It seems there is more to think about than we can possibly wrap our minds around.  And the truth of the matter is, we can overthink the issues that assail us until we are utterly obsessed with and confounded by them. . . .  […]


Ways we punish ourselves

By Dave Henning / July 14, 2019

“One of the ways we punish ourselves for not being more or better or thinner or stronger is by trying to squeeze ourselves — force ourselves, even — into all kinds of ill-fitting relationships.  With other people, with ourselves, with our pants.”- Leeana Tankersley, Breathing Room In Chapter 21 (“Wear Better Pants”) of The Next […]

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