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Hardship – way you move through matters greatly

By Dave Henning / November 28, 2020

“The way in which you move through hardship matters greatly.  It can predict whether something becomes integrated in your experience and loses its intensity or builds in power to the point that you feel it might overwhelm you.”- Aundi Kolber “Listen, are you breathing just a little, and calling it a life?”- Mary Oliver In […]


Wounds often surface when we feel safe

By Dave Henning / November 19, 2020

“Our wounds often surface only when at last we feel physically or emotionally safe.  Once we are out of survival mode, our bodies, minds, and spirits can finally bear to consider our stories and the reasons we are so emotionally dysregulated.”- Aundi Kolber ” ‘Even if the mountains walk away and the hills fall to […]


Our world overvalues productivity, others’ opinions

By Dave Henning / November 10, 2020

“Our world overvalues productivity and others’ opinions, so we learn to ignore the messages our bodies are giving us — through our emotions and physical sensations — and instead push through our pain and pretend we have it all together.  Trying harder helps us feel safe in areas of our lives that may have felt […]

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