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Stand up or keep sitting?

By Dave Henning / September 22, 2023

“You’ve attempted to fix your problem, control it, ignore it, diminish it, and dismiss it.  You’ve even allowed yourself to wallow in it.  And now it’s all led to a desperate moment where you have to decide if you’ll keep sitting or if you’ll stand up.  Hannah stood up and went to pray.”- Kyle Idleman […]


Trust greenhouses = deserts

By Dave Henning / July 9, 2022

“Deserts are not places where God deserts you but a place deserted of noise so you can hear a word from God.  Every wilderness holds God’s tenderness and the driest of deserts can be the holy of holies. . . .  Deserts are trust greenhouses.  The desert that seems in the way . . . […]


Physical posture – a powerful prompt

By Dave Henning / February 27, 2022

“Physical posture is a powerful prompt.  Your physical posture affects your heart posture and vice versa.  When you kneel and pray, it sets the tone for the rest of the day.”- Mark Batterson “Aaron must burn fragrant incense on the altar every morning when he tends the lamps.  He must burn incense again when he […]


Full life consists of both peace and pain

By Dave Henning / May 31, 2020

“Full life consists of both peace and pain.  It’s hard to have one without the other.  We don’t crave peace until we feel pain.  We don’t know how to define pain unless we have peace.   They are in extreme opposition, yet they happen to coexist in this place that we call life here on earth.”- […]


God’s unbuttoned you, gotten inside you

By Dave Henning / January 2, 2019

“Yes, it is true — if you are God’s child, he has unbuttoned you and gotten inside of you. . . .  There is no escaping his presence.  There is no such thing as being beyond the reach of his care.  He is with you in every moment of your travail, because he lives inside […]

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