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Gratitude challenge – mindfulness required

By Dave Henning / January 28, 2020

“A few years ago I issued a gratitude challenge to our congregation.  The challenge?  Thank God for the things you typically take for granted.  The gratitude challenge requires an extra measure of mindfulness, revealing just how much we take for granted. . . .  And while some may think this exercise borders on overkill, maybe […]


Our litmus test for worship

By Dave Henning / April 8, 2019

“What if  . . . our litmus test for worship was a heart that breaks for the things that break the heart of God?  What if we saw compassion as a form of worship?  Worship without words.  Worship beyond words?”- Mark Batterson “It’s more noble to give yourself completely to one individual than to labor […]


Our predicament – losing sight of what’s important

By Dave Henning / July 12, 2018

“This is our predicament.  Over and over again, we lose sight of what is important and what isn’t.”- Epictetus, Greek Stoic philosopher (c.55AD-135AD) In Chapter 1 (“Learn Rule #1) of When the Game is Over, It All Goes Back in the Box, John Ortberg describes the time he finally beat his competitive grandmother in Monopoly.  […]

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