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Your spiritual inheritance – found

By Dave Henning / October 11, 2020

“Your spiritual inheritance is found by gazing into the eyes of God, knowing true love, and embracing the authenticity found only in that space.  God is your inheritance, and the abundant life with him should never stop flowing.  Sometimes, unfortunately, it does, when our perception overshadows how good God really is. . . .  Without […]


The results of our obedience – immeasurable

By Dave Henning / October 10, 2020

“When truth is no longer deafened by the voice of apathy, the results of our obedience . . . are immeasurable.  What you believe and who you believe are crucial.  In the end, they will determine the quality of your earthly life along with your eternal resting place.  There is a truth, and, contrary to […]

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