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The genesis of generosity = grace

By Dave Henning / February 12, 2020

“The goal is to grow in the grace of giving.  Grace is the genesis of generosity!  Or you can flip that coin: generosity is the revelation of grace.  Either way, grace is the game-changer!  If the tithe causes your blood pressure to go up, you’re thinking about it the wrong way!”- Mark Batterson (emphasis author’s) […]


The Giving Game

By Dave Henning / July 8, 2015

Mark Batterson begins Chapter 15 (“Count the Fish”) of The Grave Robber by discussing something he calls “The Giving Game”.  Mark and his wife Lori have an ultimate goal to reverse tithe- to live off 10 percent and give 90 percent back to God.  To achieve this goal, they give God a greater percentage of […]

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