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Retreat, hibernate, or join God

By Dave Henning / December 24, 2021

“What about you and me?  We can retreat if we want.  Let our hearts grow hard, our faith grow cold.  Hibernate.  Hide out.  God dark.  Stay quiet.  Or we can see our challenge as an opportunity to join God in his work.”- Max Lucado “Go, gather together all the Jews who are in Susa, and […]


When uncleared rubble obstructs your vision

By Dave Henning / June 2, 2019

“We want to endure, but . . . we begin to grow impatient.  At some point we think, What’s the point? . . . Too much work.  Too much rubble.  Maybe it’s just time to give up.  What are we supposed to do when the obstacles add up, we grow tired, and all we can […]

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