The Peacemaker

The Peacemaker, Third Edition (Baker Books, 2004)

The peacemaker approach to resolving conflict centers around what Ken Sande refers to as the Four G’s:

Glorify God

Get the log out of your own eye

Gently restore

Go and be reconciled

The Four G’s are undergirded  by the foundational G, the Gospel.  The Gospel makes it possible for Christians to put the Four G’s into practice.

While Ken Sande’s techniques specifically are tailored to conflicting mindsets, these techniques are equally applicable if the only conflict you can resolve is the one in your own heart.

Forgiveness is a key component embedded in the Four G’s.    Ken Sande reminds us of that responsibility in our Christian walk by citing the convicting words of an unknown author: “Unforgiveness is the poison we drink, hoping others will die.”


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