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Hang on to God for dear life

By Dave Henning / August 21, 2019

“God welcomes the ones who hang on to him for dear life, refusing to let go.  But he doesn’t leave them the way he finds them, because his blessing transforms character and instills faith.”- Tina Boesch And Jacob said, “O God of my father Abraham and God of my father Isaac, O LORD who said […]


Wrestling for a blessing – holding on

By Dave Henning / August 20, 2019

“I’m wrestling for a blessing. . . .  I try desperately to hold on to invisible divine presence while longing to live in the blessing of peace realized in flourishing relationships.”- Tina Boesch “I will make with them a covenant of peace and banish wild beasts from the land, so that they may dwell securely […]


Shadow of the cross – the blessing of peace

By Dave Henning / August 18, 2019

“The blessing of peace takes on the full depth of it’s meaning in the shadow of the cross because it was on this tree that God reconciled the world to himself. . . .  If there’s any sentimentality still clinging to the concept of blessing, the cross utterly strips it away, exposing the reality that […]


This infinite distance between God and God

By Dave Henning / August 17, 2019

“This infinite distance between God and God, this supreme tearing apart, this agony beyond all others, this marvel of love, is the crucifixion.  Nothing can be further from God than that which has been made accursed.”- Simone Weil, Waiting for God “I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse.  Therefore, choose life.”- […]


Before the cross became blessing

By Dave Henning / August 16, 2019

Before the cross became blessing, it was a curse.  And I feel the burning reality that before it’s possible to become blessing, I first have to encounter the curse of the cross and the one who became curse on it.”- Tina Boesch “He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, that we […]


Agape – an overflowing love

By Dave Henning / August 15, 2019

“Agape means nothing sentimental or basically affectionate.  It means understanding, redeeming good will for all men.  It is an overflowing love which seeks nothing in return. . . .  When we rise to love on the agape level, we love men not because we like them, not because their attitudes and ways appeal to us, […]


Extending mercy to the merciless

By Dave Henning / August 14, 2019

“Extending mercy to the merciless may seem nonsensical because it’s self-sacrificial, not self-protective, but that’s precisely what makes it supernatural. . . .  We don’t enter the arena of grace through our own strength, but only by humbling ourselves to the ground.”- Tina Boesch “But love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to […]


The arena of grace – Jesus the architect

By Dave Henning / August 13, 2019

“Jesus is not only the architect of the arena of grace but also the portal into it and the first to take up residence within this unnatural — this supernatural — way of being.”- Tina Boesch But I say to you who hear, “Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those […]


The rule of reciprocity – two applications

By Dave Henning / August 12, 2019

” . . . the rule of reciprocity that often encourages acts of generosity and kindness also has the potential to cement cycles of violence when reciprocity devolves into retribution.”- Tina Boesch “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’  But I tell you, love your enemies and pray […]


A commission – the blessing of peace

By Dave Henning / August 11, 2019

“In the context of a commission, the blessing of peace isn’t incidental direction.  It’s not the icing on the proverbial cake of ministry in the world.  Blessing is part of the way Jesus’ followers reflect his character and embody his presence.”- Tina Boesch When he [Jesus] had led them out to the vicinity of Bethany, […]


Supernatural provision in the context of community

By Dave Henning / August 10, 2019

“Supernatural provision took place in the context of community as the bread and fish were passed from hand to hand.  The bread didn’t multiply while sitting in the baskets; it multiplied as it was shared. . . .  The satisfaction of so many with bread that materialized as if it had rained down from heaven […]


Affirming God’s control, sustaining grace

By Dave Henning / August 9, 2019

“When Jesus raised the bread and fish up to heaven and said a blessing over them, he was affirming God’s control over the situation.  He was emphasizing that God’s sustaining grace provides for all his creatures, day in and day out.”- Tina Boesch “Blessed art Thou, Lord our God, King of the universe, who in […]

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