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Smelling smoke? – there is fire

By Dave Henning / April 15, 2023

“If you are smelling smoke, there is fire.  And the only reasonable option at this point is either put out the fire or get yourself out of the fire.  Drawing boundaries can help put our fires before they become all-consuming. . . .  boundaries aren’t just a good idea, they are a God idea.”- Lysa […]


Real repentance and forgiveness

By Dave Henning / April 9, 2023

“Part of real repentance usually means the wrongdoer asking, ‘What could I do that would make you trust me?”  Parto of real forgiveness means being open to the possibility of change in the offender and being truly unbiased and willing to offer more trust little by little.”- Timothy Keller “For God was pleased to have […]


The lay of the land – God knows

By Dave Henning / October 12, 2021

“I am God’s field and so are you.  You are exactly where you are supposed to be. . . .  God knows the lay of the land that makes you you.  He is planting seed within you — seeds which will bear internal fruit with eternal value.  He knows exactly how to care for you, […]


Amazon Prime deliveries = prayer?

By Dave Henning / March 16, 2021

“I’ve looked at prayers like Amazon Prime deliveries.  I want what’s delivered to look like what I expected and to arrive in record time. . . .  Then my prayers become orders I place, the answers as cheap as products, and the sender nothing more that a far-removed entity I give little thought to until […]


Healthy vulnerability – the secret

By Dave Henning / March 2, 2021

“The secret to healthy vulnerability . . . doesn’t start with others.  It has so much more to do with being safe with me. . . .  It was only when my most honest opinion of myself was also an honoring opinion of myself that I could stand vulnerable . . . .without fear.”- Lysa […]


You Are Never Alone: Trust in the Miracle . . .

By Dave Henning / February 1, 2021

You Are Never Alone: Trust in the Miracle . . . (Thomas Nelson, 2020) Max Lucado’s latest book is titled You Are Never Alone: Trust in the Miracle of God’s Presence and Power.  Currently Max serves as Teaching Minister of Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, TX.  When we believe, Pastor Lucado asserts, life happens.  […]


The currency of relationships

By Dave Henning / July 3, 2020

“Trust is the currency of relationships.  It is the basis upon which we let people into our lives.  When a person is betrayed, the greatest casualty is that trust.  It is also the most difficult to get back.”- Phil Waldrep In Chapter 10 (“Healing”), the concluding chapter of Beyond Betrayal, Phil Waldrep reminds us that […]


The pain of betrayal is relative

By Dave Henning / June 19, 2020

“The pain of betrayal is relative. . . . it depends on the degree of the betrayal.  After thinking about it for years, I came up with a little formula that helps me understand the pain caused by betrayal.  I think of it this way: The pain of betrayal equals the level of trust times […]


Learning our new names – trusting God’s voice

By Dave Henning / March 24, 2020

“Learning our new names isn’t always about receiving a divine word through some mystical experience; rather it more often than not is about learning to trust the voice of God that has been speaking over our lives all along. . . .  We will be called many names here on earth, but it’s important to […]


Battle scars – carefully examined

By Dave Henning / January 19, 2020

“According to legend, when the knights of the Round Table returned to King Arthur’s court after battle, they were carefully examined.  If their bodies did not bear any battle scars, they were sent back into battle with an exhortation: ‘Go and get your scars!’ “- Mark Batterson Mark Batterson continues Chapter 6 of Double Blessing […]


Blessing begins with seeing – agape seeing

By Dave Henning / July 27, 2019

“Blessing begins with seeing.  Before words of blessing can reach toward future vision, we must attend to present reality.  And that means we must turn our gaze from ourselves . . . and see others as they long to be seen.  This is agape seeing, a way of seeing grounded in love and sacrifice.  It […]


Faith – rarely measured by earthly success

By Dave Henning / May 6, 2019

“Our faith is in God and the big picture that we won’t completely see this side of eternity.  It isn’t easily — or rarely at all — measured by earthly success, but it’s what keeps us aligned with the truth that sings out in our soul.”- Kyle Idleman “Abraham reasoned that God could even raise […]

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