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The gospel = so much more

By Dave Henning / December 13, 2023

“We’ve underestimated the power of the good news.  There’s nothing more than the gospel.  And there’s so much more to the gospel.”- Scotty Smith, founding pastor of Christ Community Church (Franklin, TN) “You thrill me, LORD, with all you have done for me!  I sing for joy because of what you have done.  O LORD, […]


Incredible – the Christmas message

By Dave Henning / December 5, 2022

“Unless you have heard the Christmas message and at some point found it incredible, too, I’m not sure you have ever really grasped it. . . .  If you have never stood and looked at the Gospel and found it ridiculous, impossible, inconceivable, I don’t know that you’ve really understood it.”- Timothy Keller (emphasis author’s) […]


Jesus descended into the dirt

By Dave Henning / December 29, 2020

“In the actions, activities, and attitudes of His ministry among us, Jesus both embraced and restored all that was wrong with the creation.  In love, He did not abandon His creation to its destructive rebellion, but neither did He remove it from its earthly origins.  Jesus descended into the dirt, declaring it good again through […]


Adulterated affection and exploited power

By Dave Henning / January 12, 2020

“I wish this were as simple as it sounds, but we live in an age of adulterated affection and exploited power.  Pure love and true power are hard to find and even harder to trust.  Why?  Because so many have been betrayed by a kiss and that false kiss feels like a curse.”- Mark Batterson […]


Build relational bridges – lament crucial

By Dave Henning / October 7, 2019

“No matter where you find yourself politically or theologically, we can all humble ourselves to the point of lamenting with others.  In fact, lament is crucial if we want to build relational bridges with the gospel — if we want to authentically display and declare God’s love to a hurting people.”- Aubrey Sampson In Chapter […]


No power/control to make Mr. Hardship leave

By Dave Henning / November 29, 2018

“Because I did not have the power or control to make Mr. Hardship leave, I ran to the place where I have always found wisdom, hope, and rest of heart.  I ran to the gospel of Jesus Christ, and in so doing, into the arms of my Savior.”- Paul David Tripp In his Introduction to […]


Curiosity – a discipline and a viewpoint

By Dave Henning / October 31, 2018

“Curiosity is a discipline, and it’s a viewpoint.  If you can adopt a curious outlook day after day, you will discover that cynicism  never gets a toehold.  Remember, the cynics are never curious and the curious are never cynics.  You will also discover that the full power of the gospel gets a firm hold in […]


Gospel’s relentless hope melts cynicism

By Dave Henning / October 30, 2018

“Cynicism melts under the relentless hope of the gospel.. . .  Bitterness can’t linger under the relentless assault of love.  Hope cannot die if an empty tomb empowers it.”- Carey Nieuwhof In Chapter 2 (“Kicking Cynicism in the Teeth”) of Didn’t See It Coming, Carey Nieuwhof offers practical ways to defeat your inner cynic.  First, […]


Appreciative inquiry – replicate what’s right

By Dave Henning / February 3, 2018

“There is a theory in organizational development called appreciative inquiry . . . Instead of  exclusively focusing on what is wrong and trying to fix it, you identify what’s right and try to replicate it.  Appreciative inquiry is playing to people’s strengths.”-  Mark Batterson “And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of […]


God doesn’t need any more messiahs

By Dave Henning / October 10, 2017

“My availability to God’s call to sacrifice — Abraham’s availability to God’s call to sacrifice, your availability to God’s call to sacrifice — is predicated on the understanding that God doesn’t need any more messiahs.  He sent one.  The job is finished.  We are not needed.  I am not needed.  Ah, but I’m wanted (emphasis […]


The gospel – good news for the stuck

By Dave Henning / October 5, 2017

“Look the gospel has to be good news for the stuck too.  Or else it’s not good news.”- Jared C. Wilson In Chapter 7 (“The Nine Irrefutable Laws of Followship”) of The Imperfect Disciple, Jared Wilson opens with an observation about his church ministry.  Pastor Wilson states he rapidly realized one thing about his parishioners.  […]


A community of Christ-followers

By Dave Henning / October 4, 2017

“When we as a community of Christ-followers demonstrate our life in Christ together through our feeling of Scripture, our prayer, our fasting, our service, and our relational intimacy, we create a compelling announcement of the kingdom’s presence in the world.”- Jared C. Wilson Jared Wilson concludes Chapter 6 of The Imperfect Disciple as he notes […]

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