Disciplines, habits, or principles?

The newest book I’m reading is When Life’s Not Working by Bob Merritt, senior pastor of Eagle Brook Church in the Twin Cities area.  In the introduction he states that all of us face two options in life- the hard life or the harder life.

The author asserts that discipline is essential if you hope to prevent a hard life from becoming harder.  Principles, by their very nature, tend to be theoretical.  Habits can be either good or bad and are frequently of short duration.

Pastor Merritt defines discipline in this way: “A discipline is a behavior, a practice, a way of living that you build into your life so that it becomes a way of life. . . . A discipline can be learned, but it must be practiced, and it becomes an actual life discipline only when it becomes your natural, automatic response to any and all situations.”

Are there disciplines that you have developed or need to develop to be transformed during your time of adversity?

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