Carry everything to God in prayer

By Dave Henning / May 20, 2012

In Chapter 18 of A Gentle Thunder author Max Lucado discusses Jesus changing water into wine at the wedding reception in Cana.  He notes that when the wine was gone, Mary could have exploded by blaming others or imploded by blaming herself.  But Mary had a third option, the best choice of all- she assessed the problem and gave it to Jesus.

Max posits two reasons why our first thought is not to take our problems to Jesus- either we feel we’re independent enough to solve our own problems or we feel we’re too insignificant for Jesus to care.  Max counters those thoughts with a favorite Bible verse, Psalm 18:19: ” Because he delights in me, he saves me.”

The author concludes: . . . “God is asking you to take some pretty gutsy steps.  Money is tight, but he still asks you to give.  You’ve been offended, but he asks you to forgive your offender . . . . Not commands for the faint of heart.  But then again, he wouldn’t ask you to do it if he thought you couldn’t.”

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