Better description- Christian or disciple?

In Chapter 7 (“Call”) of Getting Rid of the Gorilla, Brian Jones states that he prefers the word disciple to the word Christian because the word disciple tells what a follower of Christ does, while the word Christian designates to whom we belong.

Furthermore, Pastor Jones believes that discipleship is the key to getting rid of unforgiveness (aka ‘the gorilla’).  He goes on to describe what happens when Christians become disciples:

“People notice disciples.  Disciples do not blend in very easily.  Disciples do not just believe differently, the behave differently.  They stick out.  They provoke.  They cause people to think.  Disciples jar others to evaluate their own lives, often without uttering a word.  Disciples point people to the kingdom of God simply by their behavior alone.”

To use hockey terminology, our ministry downsizing or position loss can fore-check our discipleship.  As we reconnect with God and begin to heal, we can initiate the process of forgiveness.


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