Magnify the Lord

By Dave Henning / August 12, 2012

Near the end of Part 7 of The Necessity of an Enemy, Ron Carpenter Jr. presents a simple, quick exercise.  Take a dime and hold it at arm’s length.  The entire room still is visible.  Then close one eye and slowly pull the dime closer and closer.  When the dime gets right up to your open eye, you can see nothing but the magnified dime.

In Psalm 34:3, David encourages us to magnify the Lord.  As Pastor Ron comments, during times of adversity we are likely to magnify our Land Between situation to the point where God isn’t in our field of vision:

“If you keep looking at an enemy, it fills your field of vision- before long it seems that the enemy is all you can see.  That’s why the Bible instructs us to magnify the Lord at all times.  If He fills our vision, the we are seeing what is true and ultimately real- a God with whom all things are possible.”

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