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By Dave Henning / February 25, 2013

Pastor John Ortberg begins Chapter 7 of God is Closer Than You Think by observing how he learned to treat his two daughters differently because they had unique sets of wiring.  Similarly, as uniquely created individuals, we all experience Jesus’ presence and learn to relate to Him in ways corresponding to our wiring.  The author spends the chapter walking through 7 Christian spiritual pathways.  While certain pathways will resonate with you more than others, you’ll have some involvement in all of them.  Each pathway also has shortcomings that need to be addressed.  Today I’ll discuss the Intellectual Pathway.

1.  Intellectual Pathway– people on this pathway draw closer to God as they learn about Him through reading great books, thinking deeply, receiving sound teaching, and studying Scripture.  Pastor Ortberg states that you’ll know you’re on this pathway if “the word theology has the same impact on you that the phrase ‘hot donuts now’ has on the average customer at a Krispy Kreme shop.”  St. Paul probably walked this pathway.  The danger lies in becoming all head and no heart.  Growth in knowledge must lead to growth in worship.”

Tomorrow: Relational and Serving Pathways




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