Cultivating friendship with God- Part 3

By Dave Henning / March 24, 2013

Pastor Rick Warren (The Purpose Driven Life) concludes his discussion of steps for developing our friendship with God in Chapter 12 ( author’s words are in bold type).

5.  I must choose to value what God values.   Friends care about what is important to the other person.  As our friendship with God deepens, we’ll care about what He cares about, sorrow over the things He sorrows over, and rejoice over things that bring Him pleasure.  David says in Psalm 69:9- “Passion for your house burns within me, so those who insult you are also insulting me.”  Being God’s friend means that we must care about all the people around us that God cares about.  That would include those involved in our downsizing or position loss, whether through acts of commission or omission.

6.  I must desire friendship with God more than anything else.   Jacob, David, and Paul are prime Biblical examples of such passionate desire.  This intimate friendship with God is a choice, not accidental.  We must intentionally seek it.  The question we must answer is what this intimacy is worth to us.  Are we willing to give up other things and put forth the effort to develop the required habits and skills?

Rick observes that if we become spiritually lethargic, God may use our adversity as a wake-up call.  Problems don’t mean that God is mad at us.  Quite the opposite- God is mad about us!  He wants us in fellowship with Him.

Note:  Crown’s Holy Week Short Meditation, “Worthy is the Lamb”, will post Wednesday evening.

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