Attentive waiting

By Dave Henning / July 27, 2013

“The heart has reasons that reason knows nothing of.”-Blaise Pascal

As Leighton Ford concludes his discussion of Mary and Martha at the end of Chapter 5 of The Attentive Life, he asserts that “hurry is the great enemy of the life of the spirit.”  When Jesus tells Martha that only one thing is needful, He is revealing the secret to living in a hurried world.  The secret is not at the circumference– in merely cutting back on our activities, but at the center– refocusing our hearts.

If we don’t pay attention, we will not see the most important things.  Mr. Ford notes that we must allow ourselves space and time to probe beneath the surface to the deep things of God.  Depth, the author states, speaks to depth.  The depths of God’s love for us, revealed in the many graces He lavishes on us, only yield themselves to attentive waiting.  Mr. Ford explains:

“Attentiveness is much more than our attempt to see and understand; it is a species of faith, an open and receptive trust that God has much to reveal to us when we pay attention.”

Today’s question: How has your desert, land between time fostered an open and receptive trust that God has much to reveal to you?  Please share.

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