God’s perfect provision for Elijah- and us!

By Dave Henning / November 24, 2013

As Charles Stanley concludes Chapter 9 of Emotions, he compares God’s graciousness and tenderness to us in our adversity with God’s care for the prophet Elijah as he fled from Queen Jezebel.

1.  The Father cared for Elijah’s physical needs.  Being rundown from weariness, loneliness, and frustration negatively affects our emotions.  Even though Elijah lost heart and gave in to fear, the Lord sent an angel to help him.  We are not alone.

2.  God brought Elijah to safety.  Strengthened with food and water, Elijah journeyed to Mt. Horeb (aka Mt. Sinai), a place of refuge more than 200 miles from Jezebel.  When we are burdened with discouragement, we too need a place of safety where we can take refuge in the Lord and remember His faithfulness.

3.  God changed Elijah’s focus.  Elijah was so intensely focused on Jezebel that he missed the obvious- as God’s servant he had nothing to fear.  Dr. Stanley adds that the Lord reminded Elijah of an important principle: “Whenever problems arise,, get alone and listen quietly for God.”

4.  God commissioned Elijah.  By giving Elijah a new sense of purpose, God was reminding him that hope was not gone- a new stage of God’s perfect plan was about to begin.

5.  God gave Elijah a support system.  Just as Elijah wasn’t the only believer in Israel, God assures us that we haven’t been abandoned on our journey.  Dr. Stanley adds:

” . . . your greatest moments of victory are often preceded by moments of seemingly insurmountable defeat.”

Today’s question: Which of these five examples of God’s provision are most applicable to the current state of your healing, transformational journey?  Please share.

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