Endurance for the journey

By Dave Henning / December 6, 2014

In today’s blog, Timothy Keller continues his discussion on the richness of prayer in Chapter 2 of Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God.  The next four aspects (of twelve) of prayer are presented.

5.  Prayer tunes your heart to God.  Pastor Keller observes that when our hearts are tuned to God, our joy will have an effect on those around us.  Rather than being proud, cold, anxious, or bored, we are self-forgetful, give witness of profound peace, and are filled with interest.  Others will notice.

6.  Prayer is a journey.  In the words of George Herbert, prayer is the “heart in pilgrimage.”  When we’re in pilgrimage, that means we have not yet arrived.  Pastor Keller adds that sometimes “the deep satisfactions we look for in prayer are few and far between.”

7.  Prayer helps us endure.  Just as manna in the wilderness kept the Children of Israel moving toward their hope, prayer can serve as a type of heavenly manna.  Although manna was a simple food, it brought an inner endurance.

8.  Prayer changes things.  George Herbert described prayer as an “engine against the Almightie”, a reference to the siege engines filled with archers that were used in Herbert’s time to storm a city.  Not only does the Bible contain laments, petitions, and pleadings, but they are heard in heaven not as whispers but as a thunderous roar.

Today’s question: How has prayer helped you endure the spiritual, emotional, and physical hardships of your vocation loss?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Bringing heaven into the ordinary”


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