Intimate fellowship with God

By Dave Henning / May 2, 2015

Today Charles Stanley concludes his discussion of four aspects of waiting on God, found in Chapter 1 of Waiting on God.

2.  You are not just waiting around, doing nothing.  While we are waiting on God, we should continue to serve Him and carry out our daily business.  Even when circumstances don’t appear to be going our way, we must persevere in seeking and obeying God as well as maintaining intimate fellowship with Him.

3.  You are not missing worthwhile opportunities.  To our finite vision, it may appear that worthwhile opportunities are passing us by or that there are no better options on the horizon.  Now is not the time to force God’s hand.  As Dr. Stanley states: “Rather, count on His faultless wisdom to protect you from choices that would ultimately harm you.”

4.  You are not alone.  Even though we may not be aware of it, everyone we know is facing some type of delay.  When we entertain thoughts of humiliation and defeat, we must realize that the devil is the author of those thoughts.  He is out to isolate and destroy us.  Dr. Stanley reminds us that anyone in Scripture whom God used in a powerful way faced a long and difficult time of waiting.  Instead of giving in to despair, we should understand waiting as the Father’s special favor and guidance in our life.

Today’s question: which of the four components of waiting on God speak to you in a meaningful way?  Please share.

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