Human logic versus divine plan

By Dave Henning / May 11, 2015

In Chapter 3 (“Surrendering Your Focus”) of Waiting on God, Charles Stanley notes that an inherent battle occurs when we wait on God.  As our delay stretches to weeks, months, and even years, we struggle to decide whether our desire is aligned with His will.  Dr. Stanley observes that we sense an inherent conflict between what we pray for and what God has planned for us because our prayers go unanswered.

Although we try to have faith, despair gets the upper hand in our hearts despite our best intentions.  Dr. Stanley explains our problem:

” . . . our problem is that we focus on our questions far more than on the Father’s desire to answer them.  And the more we think about the desire of our heart instead of God, the more frustrated we become and the more tempted we are to take matters into our own hands.”

Even Abraham, a great man of faith, attempted to get ahead of God by trying to figure out His plan or somehow speed it along. Then Abraham faced the ultimate test.  Dr. Stanley addresses each of these aspects of human logic versus divine plan.  The first is covered today.

1.  The need to figure it out.  Just like Abraham, we allow the circumstances of our life to overcome our faith in God.  When there is no tangible evidence of God’s working, we use logic in our attempt to figure out what God would do.  Human logic cannot discern God’s divine plan.  When we spend time in the Lord’s presence, He will comfort and rescue us.

Today’s question: What Bible verses sustain your focus on God’s divine plan rather than human logic?  Please share.

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