True open-handedness

By Dave Henning / May 12, 2016

“Surrender, true open-handedness, on the question before me is crucial to hearing from God.”- John Eldredge

John Eldredge concludes Chapter 12 of Moving Mountains by stating that the question of  our openness to whatever God has to say to us forms unreserved obedience in us.  This in turn deepens our holiness and our intimacy with God.  When we are perfectly honest  before Jesus, we don’t attempt to influence His response.  Then, when Jesus does say yes, we can receive that yes because we were willing to hear no.

John then reviews the basic steps in learning to listen:

  1. Start with small and simple questions- if possible, yes or no questions.
  2. Quiet yourself- pull away to a quiet place to shut out all distractions.
  3. Repeat the question as you pray and listen- this helps you dial in and keep focused.
  4. Try one answer, then the other- the Holy Spirit will give a confirmation or a strong sense of reservation.

Mr. Eldredge sees a three-fold role for the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit (a) is always praying the will of God- see Romans 8:27; (b) is tender toward our emotions but also helps us not to be ruled by them; and (c) empowers our prayers with the power of God.

John ends the chapter with encouragement to ask Jesus what we should pray:

Jesus- what should I pray in this? will prove revolutionizing to your prayer life.  The intimacy you will experience with God will nourish your soul; it is so satisfying you will crave more and more.  But your prayers will also be much more effective.”

Today’s question: What Scriptures have helped you to develop true open-handedness in your prayer life?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Interceding for us”

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