Overcoming daunting challenges

By Dave Henning / October 14, 2016

“When you look back on your life as a whole . . . you’ll also take pride in enduring difficult days, overcoming daunting challenges. . . .  We’ll also be defined by how we endured disappointment, faced our fears, and learned from our mistakes. “- Mark Batterson

As Mark Batterson concludes Chapter 9 of Chase the Lion, he informs us that, in Roman times, the word genius meant something entirely different.  While we individualize the concept, in ancient times genius “referred to a presiding deity that followed people everywhere they went.”  Think guardian angel.

However, the word genius also had a second dimension.  Every place had it’s own unique genius.  For David, that place was the cave of Adullam.  It provided the genius for what Mark believes became David’s most enduring legacy- psalms singer/songwriter.

The author labels that time The Cave Sessions.  Psalms 34, 57, and 142 constitute the three ‘tracks’ recorded in the cave.  Because David wrote those psalms during a most difficult season of his life, they contain real, raw, and powerful lyrics.  Giving God the sacrifice of praise enabled David to persevere in this life season.

Therefore, while it’s important to let others share in the miracle, we also must invite them to share in our struggle.  In conclusion, Mark shares his thoughts on responding to our thin places:

“If you’re in the cave of Adullam, give God the sacrifice of praise.  It’s an opportunity to prove your integrity.  Let God write music in you, through you.  If you stay patient and persistent, God is going to come through for you.  You’ll look back on this season with fond memories because they forged faith in you.”

Today’s question: What significant Bible verses, hymns, or Christian friends support you in overcoming daunting challenges?  Please share.

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