The quantum physics of God

By Dave Henning / November 20, 2016

“It’s the quantum physics of God: Your one broken heart always splits God’s hear in two.  You never cry alone.”- Ann Voskamp

In Chapter 4 (“How to Break Your Heart in Two”) of The Broken Way, Ann Voskamp notes that times occur when you forget there’s any light in living or in your soul.  Remembering God’s goodness becomes difficult.  As a result, your brokenness feels like a sealed tomb.  Scar tissue weighs on your soul.  When you forget the face of God, you forget He calls you Beloved.

Only movement and change represent time. Therefore, what you choose to do ultimately must center on Christ and His kingdom to matter at all.  Ann expands this thought:

” . . . it’s the priorities unseen — the prayers, the relationships, the love while doing the work — that hold the meaning, the merit.”

Yet, we struggle to find God’s grace and love in the brokenness and heartbreak of the world.  However, Ann adds, good brokenness grows out of every wound and scar we ever suffer.  Our broken hearts always break the heart of Jesus.  We never cry alone.

Nevertheless, we need courage, coupled with grace, to move forward step by step.  Ann describes the interaction between grace and courage:

” . . . grace swallowed up with courage is elemental to living. . . . Just take the first step.  and then the next step.  Courage is reaching out and taking just a bit of that iron-nail grace. . . . make that hand reach out and  turn on the light.  The way you always find light in the dark is to make your hand reach out.”

Today’s question: How have you applied the quantum physics of God during your desert, transformational journey?  Please share.

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