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By Dave Henning / December 6, 2016

“Pick up your cross.  It’s the only way you or anyone else can know a resurrection.”- Ann Voskamp

Ann Voskamp complete Chapter 10 of The Broken Way by stating that suffering’s present around every corner.  Furthermore, suffering lurks in every act of love.  As a result, in order to bear love out into the world, you must bear ingratitude from the world.  In addition, Ann notes, until you know how Christ’s love made Him suffer for you, you’re less willing to suffer for love.

Therefore, Ann stresses the necessity for you to pick up your cross.  The author explains:

“Carry your cross so this carrying of pain makes love.  It is never a cross you carry, but your resistance to the cross, that makes it a burden (emphasis mine).  Absorb pain with a greater love. . . .   Let yourself be worn down to love.  Let your joints grow loose with love so your hands swing easy enough to give, to break and give your struggling-to-be-willing self away.  . . . make every situation, every suffering, every single moment into a way to lead you into closer communion with Christ.  A broken way.”

Consequently, Ann urges us to join Christ and embrace suffering rather than fight it.  In this world, it’s impossible to avoid pain and suffering.  The broken way = the only way.

In conclusion, Ann advises not to look for perfection in your life as a means to attain  wholeness.  Instead, embrace brokenness as a part of your life.  Then you’ll find wholeness!

Trust God in all your brokenness.  It is a gift (emphasis Ann’s).

Today’s question: How have you know a resurrection as you pick up your cross?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “After a rain of tears”

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