Every unconfessed sin

By Dave Henning / February 10, 2017

“Every unconfessed sin is a seed that will produce a multiplied harvest.”- Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

As Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth concludes Chapter 3 of Holiness, she concentrates on the effects of sin.  Sin affects a holy God, and it affects others.  Beyond that, however, sin also exacts a price from the sinner.  Hence, sin preys on those who indulge it.

Therefore, before yielding to temptation, the author reminds us to think about these four consequences of sin.  Sin will:

  1. disappoint you.  Nancy firmly states that sin never delivers on its promises.  Once the initial rush of sinful pleasure wears off, enjoyment inevitably turns sour.  Sin brings emptiness, misery, and shame.
  2. deceive you.  The amount of ground you concede to sin is directly proportional to dulling your capacity for truth.  Nancy adds that sin leads you step-by-step through incremental compromises.  All the while, sin convinces you that you can handle the situation.
  3. dominate you.  The author proclaims this truth: “Those who dance with sin ultimately become sin’s slaves.”  The very pleasures we believed would liberate us turn out to dominate us.
  4. destroy you.  Sin’s familiarity transforms it from a deadly monster.  As Charles Spurgeon once warned: “Those who tolerate sin in what they think to be little things will soon indulge it in greater matters.”

In conclusion, Nancy reiterates that moral or spiritual landslides surprise us.  That’s because we’ve ignored the cracks and fissures in our walls with God.  When these seemingly small, “harmless” compromises snowball, that sets the state for tragic consequences.

Today’s question: How has unconfessed sin affected you?  Please share.

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